When you start at an entry level job, move 10 times in thirty plus years, excel everywhere you end up and still have the “juice” to step out and begin again, that’s exceptional.

David Arbuckle began at Southwestern Bell climbing poles, installing telephone sets and equipment. After quickly seeing how providing value to others would lead to promotions and pay treatment, David routinely topped his workgroup in sales on customer visits. Moving into management, David applied the simple concept of solving bosses’, customers’ and the public’s problems into career success. First to establish a Quality of Work Life program with union associates in the Oklahoma Division at Southwestern Bell, first to place a corporate name on “Adopt a Highway” program sign in Muskogee, Oklahoma and first to represent Southwestern Bell to all 39 Native American Tribes in Oklahoma helped David launch a career spanning three states, 21 legislative sessions and a legacy of leadership which continues to this day.

The common thread to this corporate odyssey and personal regeneration is value delivery. Budgets are never large enough, time becomes more and more scarce and organizational needs expand faster than available resources. Successful organizations and successful people find efficient ways to help their stakeholders realize the value they need, sometimes even before the stakeholder asks for it.

Work centers on delivering value and resolving the various, ever-changing impediments to this delivery, known as “problems.” Problem solving falls into two primary categories. Immediate triage features “band-aids,” and will not suffice for large scale or chronic problems. The better way to address your persistent problems consists of identifying key concepts upon which a sustainable solution may be built.  

The best hire you will make, the most rewarding contract you will enter and the top use of your time occurs when you interact with the employee, the contractor or the partner who “sees” or helps you see the situation and suggests a sustainable solution. The change in perspective makes the difference between “working around” your most vexing issues and moving your organization to the next level.

Identifying the proper environment, personnel and practices in which to apply conceptual solutions remains the challenge for owners, senior managers and entrepreneurs. With extensive experience in crafting solutions, your situation will improve when you hire David Arbuckle Consulting, Inc.


PERSUASIVE COMMUNICATIONS: Customized creation of written material and editing of existing content to help drive your messaging and all forms of communications with key stakeholders. Crafted to connect to customers, constituents and potential brand advocates, to efficiently and expeditiously enable you to achieve your goals.

POSITIVE PRESENTATION: After developing the right message, make sure it gets heard. Your highest priority goals deserve deliberate delivery. Whether leading your internal team or dealing with external conflicts and controversies, align all aspects of your message to your audience.

MANAGING CHANGE/PRODUCT LAUNCH: Conveying concepts and “selling” ideas are central to your success. Implementing them can produce even more challenges. Gain the experience of over 33 years of constant change by collaborating to create unique and effective methods and procedures to unlock your team’s potential. Thoroughly reviewing existing operations or developing “greenfield” plans can return your attention to more profitable pursuits.   

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT/STAFF ASSESSMENT: The challenges of leading a business in an era of real-time reaction often requires more time and energy than even a skilled and savvy business operator has to devote in resolving problems. With the experience of participating in leadership programs in 9 cities, 3 states and at AT&T, soon you and your team will be generating greater profits and fewer headaches. The high degree of confidentiality and competency offered can greatly reassure you on matters of the utmost importance - who runs operations in your absence, and how well your staff performs when employees believe no one is watching.

When your operation has problems, there are solutions. If your hard work generates rapid growth, you’ll benefit from capable help.  Contact me.

You may not remember too much about the 1990s, but for those in the telecommunications industry, it was all about the competition for your phone business.  Long distance providers sprouted overnight, telephone equipment companies opened store-fronts (online was just beginning to become a factor in the marketplace) and your mailbox quickly filled with offers, from incredible discounts to outright checks to be cashed. It was in this chaotic “wild west” business environment the quote from Southwestern Bell’s Oklahoma Division President rang true and became a basic tenet of my guiding management philosophy. Dave’s admonition aimed to settle his work group with the insight designed to refocus us on our customers and not allow the constant changes roiling the telecom industry to deflect us from what really mattered.

Today we may call this statement a “BFO,” but its application to so many situations caused it to remain as an oft re-quoted line to my colleagues, direct reports and a few external audiences, over the course of my telecom career.

With the convergence of many industries and business processes, this farsighted statement fairly summarizes why your enterprise needs to closely examine the only enduring asset…..your people.

Will you give me a call? We can discuss how you can benefit from my extensive education in community engagement gathered from over three decades of constant change.


David S. Arbuckle, President
Chairman of the Board

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Problem solving specialist in public policy issues, employee engagement and confederating your staff to its mission in today’s incredibly fast-paced world.

"There will be a day when most telecommunications companies will sell similar products at similar prices; the difference will be their people."

Dave Lopez, President
Southwestern Bell
Oklahoma City, OK- 1995

David Arbuckle Consulting, Inc.

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